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Pattern Magazine Party in Pagoda Mar. 8, 2015 Indy Car Blog

Announcing the unveiling of the new Indy Car Girls and the outfits designed by Rue Violet designer, Catherine Fritsch.


  A behind the scenes look at the racing jumpsuit inspired outfits, as the girls decide    on jewelry for the season.










Indy’s Most Luxurious Valentine’s Day Gifts  Feb. 10. 2014 Indianapolis Star

Celebrity Sighting in Rue Violet (Sweet Revenge at the time)

In June of 2012, photographer Mandykae Blair and Playmate Crystal McCahill (and a few others) dressed in lingerie and did a video shoot here in Indianapolis. I still have no idea what the video was for, and have never seen it…but the sneak behind the scenes photos themselves were pretty hot…so I’m going to share them with you.

bts mccahillmccahill and guy

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