Extreme Weather!

Yep, you guessed it–since we’re located in the Midwest, we’re pretty much snowed in and have been for a few days. No matter, even if we made and packed your orders, no mail seems to be moving in Indianapolis. So, though we encourage you to shop while you are stuck wherever you are, give us an extra day or two to get the orders processed.¬†Thanks so much for your understanding!

Meanwhile, some suggestions on things to do while you are waiting to get back into the flow of things:

1. Find that book you started and never got to finish.

2. Cull out your closet…get rid of the items you know you’ll never wear and set them aside to donate.

3. Peruse the funny cat videos on Youtube while drinking cocoa.

4. Call or write emails to people you forget to contact on a regular basis.

5. Try out that recipe that you always think takes too much time to try.