It might be a little weird for one of our first blog posts to be about another company, but listen up and find out why. Awestomy is a company near (about 8 miles away) and dear to us. We have worked closely with them in the development of their undergarments for people with ostomies.

Their goal was to not only provide some good looking, great fitting undergarments specifically for people with ostomies, but also provide support and information via social media–which they have done in spades. They have some great reviews of their products out there to view.

About a month ago they started a Kickstarter campaign. On Saturday the 21, the campaign ends–and it is so, so close. Now, while I don’t think that not being funded is the end of the world–I think they will continue to grow and succeed as they already have been–it is a psychological barrier to not meet goal, especially when the goal is very reasonable.

I ask you to go to their campaign: Awestomy-Ostomy Apparel With Attitude¬†and consider contributing. Even just for the pure pleasure that their sense of humor provides…who can resist a good poop joke? I’m sure you have a dollar or two in change just hanging around at the bottom of your purse, or on the kitchen counter. Put it to good use and support a company that is going somewhere!

View their video here.